What we do

In the past, vehicle headlights were made of glass. Towards the end of the 80s, polycarbonate plastic slowly began taking over as car manufacturers became more committed to improved aerodynamics with their designs.

Polycarbonate plastic is vulnerable to the elements due to its porous nature. During design and manufacture processes, a protective coating is applied to the lenses, which has UV inhibitors to keep plastic from deteriorating. Without adequate care, the protective coat will fail and eventually deteriorate. When this happens, your lens will get cloudy and hazy, develop a yellow tint, flake and oxidize. Depending on the stage of deterioration, this could mean losing up to 70% of overall visibility and headlight performance.

Headlight restoration is not just significantly less costly than a complete replacement, the results can remain for years. Your car will not only look sharper and become safer for night driving; you will be contributing your quota to environmental sustainability, and your car won’t fail its MOT on headlight performance.

We use some of the best tools in the industry to restore your lenses. At the end of our restoration session, your headlights will be left looking close to the condition of a newly factory fitted headlight; with the attendant costs.

We want you to stop driving a vehicle that not only looks old but puts you and your family in danger when you drive in low light conditions.

Our headlights restoration service is open to everyone in LONDON and nearby areas, and we can work on any vehicle model to the same spectacular standards we have become popular for. We are a team of dedicated professionals using modern, proven techniques in the restoration of your headlamps. Bring back their former glory!

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